Jul 18, 2014

SEC Network and College Football season draw near: Predictions?

Hi everyone!  After a long off-season and some downtime, we are ready for some FOOTBALL!  College football season is quickly approaching and I trust all the fans out there are entering the pre-season speculation phase.

For SEC fans it is truly an exciting year as ESPN's SEC Network launches August 14th, and the newly announced carrier Comcast will make it easier for sports junkies and Xfinity subscribers like myself to enjoy lots of SEC football on the go.  I highly recommend the Xfinity TV Go app for smartphone users.  And it's not just football, you will have access to all of the SEC sports coverage from the network.

Other providers, including Direct TV are in the works, so check out your coverage and options (fees may apply) and never miss a game!  It's an exciting time for technology to keep eager fans tuned into the league.

I am excited to see a little more of Tim Tebow this season, although he will be "suited" up in his analyst role (read more).  So where are the promising SEC favorites this season?

For this SEC girl it is nice to see some media attention turn to Dak Prescott as he leads the Miss State Bulldogs.  A recent USA Today article media poll places the SEC title back in Alabama territory, but that pesky Auburn team is still hanging around in second place.  I will agree that South Carolina, Georgia, LSU and Miss State may all see some exciting play action this year as their leading players emerge on the stage.

Of course the return of Nick Sabin to Alabama certainly keeps the Crimson Tide rolling.  However, if last year's season taught us anything, it is that prior years such as in the case of Auburn and Missouri, have a way of turning around quickly and winning seasons are one game at a time.  I think Coach Sabin would agree with me on this premise.

Let the countdown begin, 2014 SEC football is first and goal!